CIC launched the 10 Point Plan as our vision for the school for 2018 – 2028 as it continues to grow and embed itself in the community.

A building for Growth

  • New school
  • 30% additional pupil numbers year on year by 2023
  • Additional youth services

One Community

  • Building upon our shared education links with three other schools
  • Forge close links with business and local sports clubs

Everyone Outstanding

  • Extension of curriculum
  • Additional language offering
  • Optimised learning for pupils

LOVE integration

  • Learning Optimised; Valuing Everyone
  • Become an exemplary college for true integration – religion, cultures, diversity

Future proofing Careers

  • Pathways developed to ensure route for everyone
  • Helping pupils to flourish in their chosen fields
  • Provision of over 16s’ education, including introduction of BTECs and diplomas

Beyond the School Day

  • Utilisation of the school building and its resources after school hours

Home of Youth

  • Provision of youth services for pupils and the community in the new state-of-the-art Youth Services mobile
  • Positive behaviour policy - making smart choices inside and outside of the classroom

Our Voice

  • Creation of school stakeholder group
  • Voices for students, parents, teachers and Crumlin Supports Integrated Education Steering Group

Wellbeing for Everyone

  • Promotion of positive wellbeing
  • Establishing sports excellence
  • Creation of soccer academy and GAA training
  • Introduction of mindfulness sessions for pupils and staff

Sharing a Brighter Future

  • Building upon our shared education links with three other schools
  • Increased hours committed to shared education by 25%
Focused Classes

Welcome to CIC

Welcome to Crumlin Integrated! Thank you for taking the time to visit our website which demonstrates an incredible range of activities that go on daily and portray a school which is now firmly embedded in the Crumlin community.

I am proud to lead a caring, pupil centred and family orientated college which, unashamedly, has high standards and expectations, and where every pupil is valued and encouraged to achieve their maximum potential.

Our core values of respect and responsibility are founded in our integrated ethos. They underpin our Learning Behaviours, which are rolled out on a daily basis, as we aim to promote a positive learning and teaching environment.

Our school motto: “Learning Optimised; Valuing Everyone” encapsulates our vision as a school where we are dedicated to provide a holistic education so our young people are prepared for their school life and beyond.