European Day of Languages

On Thursday 26th of September 2019, to celebrate European Day of Languages, the pupils and staff of Crumlin Integrated College took part in the College’s ‘Door Design’ competition.

The main aim of the competition was to help raise awareness of and preserve Europe’s rich linguistic diversity and improve our knowledge of all of Europe’s languages.
The pupils were tasked with decorating their classroom doors with the flags and facts about a variety of European Languages ranging from Russian to Basque!

The competitive spirits of all participants, pupil and staff member alike, were clearly on show by the deadline.

However, as with all competitions, there had to be a winner. After an intense discussion between Mr. O’Hara and myself, 8M and their Form Teacher Mr. McComb were selected as our winner, for their effort of France. Second place was awarded to Mrs Camlin’s form class for their colourful representation of Ukrainian.

It is our hope, that events like this will not only highlight the need to diversify the range of languages people learn here in Northern Ireland but also inspire our pupils at Crumlin Integrated College to develop a degree of proficiency in a foreign language. Don’t forget Language skills are a necessity and a right for EVERYONE!