Sharing Together

During term two, children across Crumlin have been working continually on their Shared Education projects. A total of 12 lessons totalling 24 hours of shared learning has taken place, across varying schools in Crumlin. It is a fantastic opportunity for all our pupils and staff.

Pupils in Year 9 have taken a step back in time to explore Crumlin of the past, learning about local place names and how they have been translated from Irish. Pupils produced some magnificent posters for display illustrating their new found knowledge of the local area.

Year eight pupils were extremely busy taking care of their fish in the classroom! Over a period of seven weeks they developed numeracy skills by monitoring the temperature of the water in our fish tanks ensuring conditions were optimum for their eggs to hatch and survive as well as being responsible for cleaning the fish tanks. During some sciences based lessons they created a pop-up river basin and created a working water cycle model.

Despite Storm Gareth, pupils ventured to Crumlin Integrated Primary where fishermen from the Six Mile Water Trust taught them how to investigate living organisms from the Crumlin River, before their Alevin were released into the Crumlin River.

We would like to sincerely thank everyone in our local community who have helped and supported the Shared Education Programme so far as we ‘work together for a brighter future’

Stay tuned for some exciting news about our celebration event.